People have asked, why Trap the Spark…..

Think of a time when you felt truly happy. Not stressed at all. When you were able to sit still for a few minutes and not think of a hundred different things you *should* be doing instead of taking time to relax and taking time for yourself? Remember how much easier it was as a child to sit in a field and stare up at the clouds looking for different shapes in the clouds, or playing outside with friends and truly enjoying yourself?

Can you remember a time?

It’s hard, isn’t it!

Trap the Spark workshops are about just that. Taking time for yourself to do something creative and fun with other people who want to enjoy the same thing and also learn to take time for themselves.

These workshops run a few times a month and cover a whole range of topics from dealing with letting go of stress, taking time to breathe for yourself, learning to say ‘no’, and coping with loss. Each workshop has a creative element to it where you go away with something to help you remember how to ‘trap the spark’ on your own.

Some of them are just for plain fun! Being creative has a whole host of benefits to how a person feels so it might be you just want to come along to one of the general workshops and learn something new, make a gift for someone, and even take part in a holiday baked goods swap. The list is endless.

These workshops are run by Christine and Helen. We also will be bringing in some guest hosts, such as someone teaching you some book folding techniques!

While waiting for a workshop that you want to try, why not try some cloud shape watching. If you can’t go outside and find any shapes in the clouds, here’s a photo to give you a moment to look. I can see a dog with a bushy tail, and a crab…